Beef price push with US demand


WITH a significant shift in demand fundamentals for Australian beef, driven largely by the strength of the United States market,
prices are expected to stay high in the foreseeable future.

Student placement help


AUSTRALIAN Pork Limited’s Undergraduate Industry Placement Award opportunity has again ticked all the boxes, with five University of Adelaide students applying for industry placements in 2015.

From The Desk Of Brew Matt – Viva La Pale Ale

After a quick glance at the Napoleone American Pale Ale Small Batch one could come to the incorrect conclusion that this beer originates from France (or even the USA), packaged in a petite 330ml bottle with an unassuming label and colour co-ordinated red cap.

A closer look however, reveals that this beer is in fact brewed in Coldstream Victoria, and has nothing to do with the revolutionary dictator rumoured to have had glasses modelled upon his wife’s breasts. It is produced by the Napoleone Brewers who currently have a stable of six beers, the others being a Helles Lager, Calibration ESB Ale, Breakneck Porter, Saison Duval, and a Hefewizen called White Goose (not to mention cider offerings).

Napoleone American Pale Ale is described by the brewer as being a dry hopped easy drinking APA. It pours with a medium head and is softly carbonated, with an amber hue. It produces a mild piney aroma, and while the head tends to diminish rather fast, it does produce some nice lacing, and maintains a wispy layer of surface froth for however long it is left in the glass, making it a nice beer to accompany a meal where perhaps the focus is on conversation rather than beer consumption.

The Napoleone APA makes a pleasant easy to drink beer, and while it could be easily overlooked due to it not making any statements to the extreme when it comes to its hoppiness or malt bill, it is also difficult to fault, and a nice accompaniment to perhaps a chicken dish that isn’t overly spiced.

The hop schedule for this pale ale consists of New Zealand Southern X hops for bittering, Cascade, the late addition of Columbus, and Cascade again for a dry hop finish.

This could serve as a transitional beer for someone used to blander mainstream styles of brew, who perhaps may be interested in trying something hoppier – without scaring them off.

The Napoleone American Pale Ale is currently available through Dan Murphys both online and through some of their selected stores, as well as specialty bottle shops. It sells for around $17 for a four pack with an ABV of 4.5%. Don’t let this one slip under your radar…